Radiance Wellness Institute

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Norman Narchi, MD

Norman Narchi, MD is the founder and director of the Radiance Wellness Institute (RWI), a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization.  Dr. Narchi earned his medical degree from the University of Vienna. He trained in Neurology at Northwestern Medical School in Chicago and is board certified in Neurology. His medical practice in Integrative Neurology and Energy Medicine began in Westlake Village, California in 1975.

After a 1995 episode in the emergency room with a patient who suffered a massive brain stroke changed his focus from treatment to prevention, Dr. Narchi has been committed to learning and sharing Eastern and Western approaches about how to stay healthy and well by preventing lifestyle diseases through promotion of wellness lifestyle.

Radiance Wellness Institute, a non-profit organization, is a place where the focus is on raising awareness for wellness, wellness lifestyle education and how to prevent lifestyle diseases. Radiant Wellness, is a state of health and wellbeing in all areas of life—physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. Radiant Wellness can be created and maintained by choosing a comprehensive lifestyle that restores, rebalances, rejuvenates and increases your ability to feel good, look your best and have vitality in a natural way.

Narchi’s approach is based on the 4 Components of Radiant Wellness, a comprehensive lifestyle education program. These 4 Components are an acronym—SELF—from the word self-care, and stand for Serenity, Exercise, (self-) Love and Food. Comprehensive lifestyle choices are powerful, low-tech and low-cost interventions to stop or reverse the progression of lifestyle diseases (heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer) by “turning on” disease-preventing genes and “turning off” disease-promoting genes. The lifestyle choices you make are the single most important factor in determining the state of your wellness.