Radiance Wellness Institute

Since the dawn of humanity, people have sought ways to maintain good health and vitality and to maximize their longevity. According to the new science of epigenetics, longevity may be determined much more by our desires and intent (70%) than by our genealogy (30%).


Today we are learning from epigenetics that making better lifestyle choices is how to control the effects of the assault of time and to achieve natural rejuvenation. We are redefining our destiny by changing our perception about aging and modifying our lifestyle for staying young and radiantly healthy. In doing so, we are delaying—and, in some cases, reversing—the aging process.

It is elegant and practical to think of aging as a continuous biological process of change that begins at conception. Wherever you are on the continuum, it is important to learn how to live in appropriate ways to maximize wellness. We can mask the outward signs of the process of aging, but we cannot change the fact that we are all moving toward physical change. The best we can do is accept the inevitability of aging, trying to adapt to it, and to be in the best state of wellness we can at any age. It is important to understand the challenges and promises of aging and know how to keep mind and body as healthy as possible while moving through life’s successive stages.


Radiance Healthy Longevity Program 

The Healthy Longevity Program lasts seven weeks. It is designed to help you feel and look younger and provides you with an approach that links your increased longevity with optimal quality of life and radiant wellness.

Seven Interactive Workshops

1  Perception about aging, attitude toward radiant longevity

2  Serenity versus Stress: Relaxation Mastery

3  Food and Water

4  Mind-Body Exercise: Walking and Chi-Gong

5  Rejuvenating Power of Sleeping and Napping

6  Love, Relationships and Nature

7  Ways to empower your body into staying young


Fountain of Youth

Finding the fountain of youth is not about living forever. It is about finding the fountain of joy and serenity, which transcends time. It’s about living so fully that you know you’re really living. It’s about loving so fully that you know you really love your life itself. You can journey through the deep mystery of your life to the source of all that is good, true and beautiful. You see beauty everywhere when you love everything.

Call now and find out about an exciting, natural holistic program for your rejuvenation. A unique and MD-designed plan for empowering you to stay healthy and young. 

The goal is to adapt to the changes that time brings and to arrive at your desired old age with minimal deficits and discomforts, and you will discover and enjoy the benefits that aging can bring greater wisdom, creativity, joy, love, depth of character, and increased mental and physical capabilities. The trick is to grow up without growing older with years but newer and fresher every year.

Longevity may well be determined as much by our desire as by our genealogy. Following are ways you can empower your body’s system into staying radiantly young:

Re-energize your genes. Telomeres are small substances on the ends of your chromosomes. Every time a cell reproduces, that telomere gets a little shorter. Once the protective covering on the tip of your chromosomes is gone, your DNA begins to fray, similar to shoelaces. That’s what causes cells to stop dividing, growing and replenishing your body. The cell commits suicide (apoptosis), which ultimately contributes to lifestyle diseases.

Solution: How do you change the function of your genes? One way is by rebuilding the telomeres by activating the enzyme telomerase. Telomerase is a protein that rebuilds the ends of the chromosomes. The amount of telomerase depends on your genetics; but you can influence the size of the telomeres by relieving your stress and adopting a healthy lifestyle.


Revitalize your mitochondria for vitality. Your body gets its energy from mitochondria in your cells, which converts nutrients from food and oxygen from air into energy. The problem is that the mitochondria produce free radicals, molecules that cause dangerous inflammation in the cells during the process of combustion. This inflammation damages your cells and mitochondria and causes many age-related problems.

Solution: One of the best ways to control cell function is to eat plenty of foods that have powerful antioxidants (red grapes, cranberries, tomatoes, pomegranates, onions, dark chocolate, green tea). These antioxidants, by neutralizing free radicals, decrease silent inflammation. Consuming fewer calories can also help by shifting your metabolism in a way that produces fewer free radicals.


Strengthen your immune system. One of the secrets of controlling your immunity lies in the vagus nerve. It provides a high-speed line of information from the gut to the brain, where battles with bacteria are continually raging. Your brain audits your body through the vagus nerve.

Solution: Serenity practices can activate the vagus. Food, such as avocados, walnuts, olive oil, flaxseed oil and salmon, may stimulate the hormone cholecystokinin, which facilitates the beneficial process in your vagus nerve.


Stop the sugar shock. When sugar molecules floating around your blood attach to protein molecules, diminishing their effectiveness and causing inflammation, insulin can’t get all the glucose into your cell effectively. Thus, glucose stays in the blood and gunks up the proteins. It damages the things it touches and makes them vulnerable to tears. LDL cholesterol and triglycerides repair the tears on the inside layer of your arteries, which causes plaque in the artery walls and raises your blood pressure because the vessels become less elastic. Skin and joints are also affected, which can lead to wrinkles and arthritis.

Solution: Eat more fruits, vegetables and low-glycemic complex carbohydrates.


Strengthen your stem cells. Stem cells will continue to be a major exciting medicine in longevity science. Adult stem cells bring an incredible opportunity for you to live to a ripe old age while enjoying the mind, body and heart of youth. There are several things you can do today to add many years to your life with vigor and youth. You will look better—and feel better—and live longer. It is a combination of focus (mind) and noble intention (heart) working together to enliven our stem cells.

Solution: How can you control your genes for longevity? One way is to rebuild telomeres at the end of your chromosomes by activating telomerase. Chronic stress can have a huge influence on how cells divide or fail to. By neutralizing your stress, you can increase your chance of rebuilding the telomeres and decrease your odds of having your cells die or contribute to age-related lifestyle diseases. To neutralize oxidative stress, eat flavanoids and carotenoids as powerful antioxidants and neutralize stress by practicing serenity.