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Belly fat, or visceral fat, is the type of fat residing deep inside your belly between and around your internal organs. The visceral fat causing belly bulge–even for someone who is at an ideal weight–is the most important indicator of how one manages stress. Health risks climb right along with increased waist measurement. Belly bulge is the area of the body that you should really do something about. A firm and flat stomach is not only a matter of vanity, but researchers have found that shrinking your waistline by losing internal belly fat is one of the most important steps one can take to stay healthy for life.


Stress and Belly Bulge

The belly fat is likely due to changes in life and lifestyle caused from stress, marriage or divorce, loss of employment, aging or a slowing metabolism. Chronic daily stress causes your body to secrete excessive amounts of the stress hormone cortisol. Too much cortisol triggers cravings for high-fat and high-sugar foods, which then leads to belly bulge. Some scientists believe internal belly fat secretes chemicals (proteins and hormones) that contribute to inflammation of the inner lining of the circulatory system and is tightly associated with lifestyle diseases.


Radiance Flat Belly Program

Our comprehensive program lasts 7 weeks. In addition, there is an optional 5 weeks of follow-up groups that support you to expand on the 4 Components of Radiant Wellness. These follow-up groups will help you practice all your new tools and techniques for preventing lifestyle diseases and keeping your belly flat. 

Our unique Radiance 7-Week Plan is as follows: 

Session I – Mindful Eating, Meal Timing and Imagery

Session II – Food, Snacks and Self-Love

Session III – Intentional Breathing, Belly Laughter and Yawning

Session IV – Exercise: Walking and Chi Gong

Session V – Food Combining for Body Ecology

Session VI – Food Shopping and Cooking

Session VII – Water Fasting 

It has taken many years to have your belly bulge; it might take six-to-twelve months to see a measurable difference in your waist size. The best way to have a flat belly is to follow a specifically designed program consistently for six months. The good news is that, when you are more physically active and practice effective relaxation techniques, the fat in the abdomen tends to come off faster than fat elsewhere in your body. 

Call now and get the life-enhancing benefits of the Radiance Flat Belly Program, a unique, easy and MD-designed plan to get rid of your belly bulge and protect your health.  

COST: $487 / Group $1487 / Individual

Belly Bulge and Health Issues If belly bulge were merely a matter of vanity, it would be of less concern. But belly bulge is a serious health issue. It is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, lipid abnormalities, coronary artery disease, certain cancers, stroke and sleep disturbances. Belly bulge reduces quality of life with loss of sex appeal, shorter lifespan and substantial economic cost.  

Liposuction is not the answer. When this surgical procedure removed an average of more than 20 pounds of abdominal fat in women, it did not significantly improve obesity-related factors, such as insulin sensitivity, lipid levels and heart health (New England Journal of Medicine). That’s because liposuction primarily reduces subcutaneous and not visceral fat. 

The Radiance approach to flat belly is healthy and sustainable. You will learn how to optimize your behavior so you are in charge of your metabolism 24/7. When you lose weight too fast, you are shedding mostly water, muscle and some fat. Our methodical and energetic approach to losing weight and flattening your belly is better because it is healthy and sustainable.

We show you how to flatten your belly and create radiant wellness. At least three major studies show that mindful eating is one of the most important strategies for flattening your belly. Mindful or slow eating enhances calm and decreases tension in your body, preventing excessive secretion of cortisol. The physical behavior of eating slowly is a body clue for your brain to determine how stressed you are and tricks the brain into entering a more relaxed state of mind. 

Gentle, diet-free path. Our program is not about losing weight quickly. You need to honor your body and allow your weight to normalize as its own pace. Don’t look for a miracle. Find peace in your effort in letting go of extra pounds. We give you a gentle diet-free path to your ideal, healthy weight, with no belly bulge. The Flat Belly program educates you how to shrink and flatten your belly while learning how to create and maintain radiant wellness.