Radiance Wellness Institute

Wellness is an active process and a chosen way of life. Wellness, as a natural state of being, comprises physical, mental and social well-being that leads to

Radiance: an attractive combination
of optimal health and happiness.

Our wellness lifestyle program is designed to inspire and motivate you to accept personal responsibility for your guided wellness education and to practice the 4 Dimensions of Radiant Wellness. It is important to practice all 4 Dimensions to create and sustain radiant wellness and natural rejuvenation.

Your lifestyle choices are the single-most important factor in determining your state of health and well-being. Your wellness lifestyle encourages you to take personal responsibility for your health and wellness. A wellness-oriented lifestyle encourages you to adopt habits and behavior that promote health and improved quality of life. Radiant Wellness is a transformative, 4-dimensional approach, with an emphasis on SELF-Care and guided education for lifestyle choices that restore, rebalance and rejuvenate. Incorporate the 4 Dimensions of Radiant Wellness lifestyle into your daily life and you will look and feel your best and live a long and happy life. The four letters in SELF (S: Serenity; E: Exercise; L: Love; F: Food), from SELF-Care, are an acronym for the 4 Dimensions in a wellness lifestyle.

A Proactive Approach through SELF-Care

The new model of health and wellbeing is about SELF-empowerment, attained through the SELF-Care system of the 4 Dimensions of Radiant Wellness. This proactive approach provides comprehensive lifestyle education founded on regularly practicing these 4 Dimensions of SELF-Care:

Serenity: Create calmness, balance and peace of mind through serenity practices.

Exercise: Practice movement to restore vitality and produce abundant energy.

Love: Experience new meaning and purpose in life through the understanding of love and intimacy with yourself and the universe. Be the love.

Food: Understand the healing power of your food choices and how they affect you and the planet as a whole.

As a champion in Radiant Wellness, you are self-empowered through SELF-Care guided education and practice of a wellness lifestyle to live a life in full vitality, feeling good and looking your best all the time. The process of SELF-empowerment is evolutionary and transformational, with three stages:

1. Take wellness into your own hands and open your mind and heart to SELF-Care education for a wellness lifestyle.

2. Make wellness the #1 choice. Evolve your consciousness into the culture of wellness and reflect the beauty of a life in wellness.

3. Incorporate a daily wellness lifestyle to enjoy the benefits of radiant wellness: feeling good, looking your best, freeing yourself from fear of disease and leading yourself into joyful living.

When you follow these Four Dimensions of Radiant of Wellness, you will have control over your health and wellbeing, possibly for the first time in your life. You will have an amazing sense of accomplishment and happiness. This new awareness will spill over into every aspect of your life and create a more positive, productive and joyful existence for you. You will realize at this point how powerful and significant you really are.