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Laughter is an overlooked tool that allows us to step back from the stress and readjust our attitude.


Screen shot 2011-11-01 at 5.26.34 PMIt allows us to dismiss many things that are usually self-created threats and fears generated by our own minds and beliefs. Engaging in regular laughter and actively assuming a positive attitude not only relaxes us, but also promotes health and wellness. Best of all, laughter is free and easily available!

In addition to looking for humor in everyday situations, another way to generate laughter is to participate in a “laughter group.” This is a surprisingly effective tonic and a simple, safe and gentle activity. It acts as a powerful ally in defeating the negative impact of stress and fear in our daily lives, allowing us a fresh and positive perspective to engage successfully with the world at large, assisting in health promotion and prevention of lifestyle diseases.

Self-created threats and fears generated by our own minds and beliefs dominate our thoughts. Laughter allows one to bypass the ego and connect directly with the real self without the worries that accompany concerns of the past and future that can dominate one’s awareness. It acts as a powerful ally in defeating the negative impact of stress and fear in our daily lives, allowing us a fresh and positive perspective to engage successfully with the world at large.

When people laugh together in a group, there is no social hierarchy, only unity. While laughing with a group may seem forced at first; the trick is to fake it until you make it! Quickly, real laughter results and goes on until it becomes unstoppable from within. The body and the chemistry that it produces cannot distinguish between real or fake laughter.

Health Benefits

The secret of laughter’s effectiveness is that one’s body is hard-wired with some surprisingly powerful natural reactions to extended hearty laughter, with the following benefits:

Boosts energy by oxygenating your blood and all major organs

Drops blood pressure and pulse rates, improves circulation

Lifts depression, even when chronic

High-endorphin levels put us in a great mood, reducing aches and pains

Immune, digestive and sexual systems–switched off by stress–are switched on

Boosts self-confidence as well as communication skills and creativity

Massages the lymphatic system and boosts immunity

Reduces stress levels by 75% or more.

Laughter stimulates the part of the brain that uses the “feel-good” chemical messenger called dopamine. Consequently, laughter activities are pleasurably addictive, with an added bonus of myriad health benefits. Laughter increases emotional intelligence and lowers the level of the harmful stress hormone, cortisol.

The importance of cellular oxygenation with “Vitamin O.”

 Laughter also keeps one healthy by enriching the blood with ample supplies of oxygen, which is the lifeline of the body and its many systems. Life Energy flows through one’s breath. Through consciously controlled and deep breathing, you can enhance your well-being. Spend 20 minutes in a laughter circle and take home the healthy habit of deep breathing techniques, which increase oxygen to the body’s 70 trillion cells. Ample cellular oxygenation is one of the most important factors in living a disease-free and energetic life. Remember, where cells get enough “Vitamin O,” cancer will not nor cannot occur. So, go ahead and take a brief vacation from obsessive thinking and laugh.

It will do your body and mind good.


Human laughter is so old; it’s actually pre-human a new study concludes. Researchers at

the University of  Portsmouth in the UK tickled two dozen young primates: gorillas, chimps, orangutans, bonobos, and three human babies—and recorded the 800-odd sounds

that burst forth. An acoustical analysis revealed surprising similarities between the

giggles and guffaws (a coarse or hearty burst of laughter) of the humans and those of the

other primates. That suggests that laughter dates back 10 to 16 million years, to the

common ancestor from which humans and all great apes evolved. Results on laughter

indicated this pre-human basis and suggested that the act of laughter was hardwired into

humans by a distant ancestor.

Could Laughter Be a Portal to Enlightenment? 

Though initially one’s laughter may be forced, it usually isn’t long before participants are laughing freely and without restraint. As this happens, a sense of connectedness occurs…connecting one with the group, and one with his true nature or higher self.

The laughter that ripples outward from one’s heart into the world at large can have

what is known as a “butterfly effect.” This happens when the sound and vibration of one

person’s joy touches a stranger, and enables him to respond in kind (neural resonance). Each expression of glee grows exponentially, eventually affecting the mood of the entire world. Before long people everywhere will approach life with a joyful outlook and spontaneously look for and find the brighter side of any situation.

So, go ahead and giggle…

Pain is afraid of laughter.

Sorrow is scared of laughter.

Depression’s most notorious enemy is laughter.

“Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.”  ~ Mark Twain